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    Spring NPT Newsletter now online. The spring 2014 quarterly newsletter of the Newburyport Preservation Trust has been e-mailed to members, and is also available to read online here. This issue comes a bit later than usual, but for good reason. We wanted to wait until we could announce the good news about passage of the two pro-preservation zoning ordinances by the Newburyport City Council on April 15.

    To NPT members and friends who attended meetings, spoke at public hearings, sent letters and e-mails, and otherwise supported NPT: Give yourself a pat on the back for your contribution to the preservation of Newburyport's historic architecture and neighborhood streetscapes!

    In this issue:
    - Preservation zoning laws passed!
    - Preservation Week 2014 coming up May 14-18
    - Powder House report headed for Library of Congress
    - Sneak preview of NPT Historic House Signs project
    - This issue's Words Not Necessary feature

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    Preservation Week May 14-18 2014

    Our 8th annual Preservation Week features five days of activities for all ages and interests. Events are open to the public and many are free. The theme in 2014 is one of multiple anniversary celebration, so get those party hats-and-horns ready. The year 2014 is the 250th anniversary of the town of Newbury’s “Waterside” separating into the new town of Newburyport in 1754. The year 2014 also happens to be the 30th anniversary of Newburyport’s designation as a National Register Historic District by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Newburyport’s National Register Historic District, comprised of over 2500 contributing buildings when first designated in 1984, extends from the Joppa area of the city’s South End to Atkinson Common at the city’s North End. Within the 7500-acre district are 10 neighborhood districts.

    Click here to see the complete 2014 Preservation Week schedule of events.
    (a downloadable, easily readable, three-page PDF file)

    One Preservation Week event requires advance registration: the popular Historic Fireplace Tour with master restoration mason Richard Irons (Sat., May 17, 2014; $30.00; limited to 20 people). Register online at our Event Registration page, or by phone at 978-358-7880.

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    This news item is always current: Newburyport residents can monitor the pulse of preservation at meetings of the city's Historical Commission, City Council, Zoning Board of Appeals, and other boards and committees.

    The Newburyport Historical Commission meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, City Hall, 60 Pleasant Street, Newburyport.

    The Newburyport Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, City Hall, 60 Pleasant Street, Newburyport.

    Confirm specific meeting dates and times for the City Council and other boards at the city's online meeting calendar.

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    Winter NPT Newsletter now online. The winter 2013/14 quarterly newsletter of the Newburyport Preservation Trust has been e-mailed to members, and is also available to read online here.

    In this issue:
    - Downtown Newburyport's deteriorating brickwork need attention
    - Preservation Week 2014 set for May 14-18
    - Preservation project author Ron Tanner at October library presentation
    - This issue's Words Not Necessary feature

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    A Measure of Change (1975) by Lawrence Rosenblum is a must-see eye-opener for every new arrival to Newburyport, and for those who may have forgotten the 1960s-70s. In just 29 minutes, the video documentary examines the landmark decision to use historic preservation principles for the first time in federal HUD urban renewal projects. Because of its relevance to multiple preservation topics, links to this video can be found in several places on the NPT web site, including the Preservation Resources & Links page. Or, you can go directly to the video here.

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    Fall NPT Newsletter now online. The fall 2013 quarterly newsletter of the Newburyport Preservation Trust has been e-mailed to members, and is also available to read online here.

    In this issue:
    - A national award for NPT's Powder House preservation project.
    - Visit the Powder House during Trails & Sails on Sept. 22 & Sept. 29
    - Historic American Buildings Survey slated for the Powder House this fall
    - Join us at the NPT Annual Meeting on Sunday, Oct. 6
    - NPT seeks additional board members --- make your nominations!

    Also, the local election season is upon us, with the preliminary election on Tuesday, Sept. 17, and the final election for mayor and city councillors in Tuesday, Nov. 5. In Newburyport it should be no secret that preservation issues will be at the forefront of the mayoral and city council campaigns. The position of most of the candidates is well-known, amply demonstrated pro or con, during last year’s derailed initiative for a Local Historic District in Newburyport. If you don't know your candidate's position on (1) preservation of Newburyport's historic architecture, (2) revamping the inadequate demolition delay ordinance, and (3) the wisdom of protecting authentic material culture assets, now is the time to determine your candidate's position. Historic preservation issues are not the only issues this local election season, but the disposition of these issues can have a long-term impact on our city’s singular atmosphere, physical surroundings, and economic vitality.

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    Walk Newburyport.If you don’t yet own a copy of NPT’s informative guide to the city’s architecture published in 2011, which includes three self-guided walking tours, you can now order it online directly from our web site's Donate & Shop page.

    Walk Newburyport: Three Self-Guided Residential Walking Tours, With an Overview of Common Styles, Local History, and Significant Public Buildings is sure to lead you to new discoveries of architectural gems, all within a short distance from downtown. Prepared by local architects, writers, and designers – all members of NPT – the book includes an introduction to the periods and styles of domestic architecture in Newburyport, a glossary of terms, and historical sidebars in addition to the walking tours. Walk Newburyport is a must-have for residents who want to learn more about the buildings that give Newburyport its special character, and a must-have for those who enjoy introducing Newburyport to their guests. Order yours today – one for yourself and one for your guest room! It's Only $10 postpaid, and you can order it online directly from our web site's  Donate & Shop page. You can also purchase Walk Newburyport locally at the Book Rack, Fowle’s, Jabberwocky, the Cushing House Museum, or Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm.

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    At last --- a resuscitated web site ... and you’ve found it! NPT is pleased to introduce its new information-packed web site. In addition to dramatically expanded content about Newburyport's history, architecture, and preservation, the new site integrates streamlined membership management and online store functions.

    Throughout the NPT site --- and on the dedicated Preservation Resources page --- are informatively annotated links to external sites of interest to Newburyport architecture enthusiasts and of use to owners of older homes. The new site includes the equivalent of 50 pages of all-new professionally-prepared text content, 113 photos, 33 custom graphics, 18 historic maps, 8 hours of video, 117 links to publications and organizations, and access to 6104 pages of Newburyport history, architecture, and preservation knowledge.

    As we gain familiarity with the many available functions of the new site, we will activate new features. Our goal is to allow members to easily log-in, update contact information, renew membership, make purchases, donate, and register for events all online.

    Content compilation/composition, site organization, design, and custom graphics were accomplished in-house by NPT. The site was implemented by Tykatech, a Massachusetts company experienced with online membership management applications.

    We invite members to explore the site, and then send comments, compliments, complaints, brickbats, suggestions, etc. to

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